• Yin Yang Kit

Yin Yang Kit

Add our best sellers to your routine with our Yin Yang Kit.

The Yin Yang Kit includes our favorites for energy + sleep — Joggy Energy Drinks + Re-Chargies gummies.

1 x Joggy Energy 4-Pack
1 x Re-Chargies

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The Yin Yang Kit includes:

Joggy Energy
The new clean, plant-based* energy drink designed to supercharge your day + improve your focus without negative side effects.

Calming gummies with Full-Spectrum CBD, CGB + CBN.

Start your day with our delicious energy drink, packed with steady energy and focus. End your day with our calming CBD gummies, and enjoy a deep, peaceful slumber.  Try our best selling duo in a Kit, so you're covered no matter what kind of boost you need. Plus — save $ when you shop Kits.

Joggy Energy
Grab a can to fuel your workouts + help you get in the zone. Drink whenever you need a serious boost of energy that lasts, or as a replacement for your daily cup of coffee.

Take one gummy before bed to slip into a deep, peaceful slumber. 

A nootropic, and organic caffeine source, derived from organic Guayusa Leaf Extract that promotes a bright sense of energy and supports enhanced cognitive focus*.

Full-Spectrum CBD
Our hero cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, yet promotes that iconic, loose-limbed euphoria known as a runner’s high. It also supports pain relief after exercise and can help relieve stress. Full-Spectrum CBD contains multiple, complementary cannabinoids, which promotes a balanced, whole-plant extract experience.*

This cannabinoid is a compound that naturally supports your circadian rhythm without a residual feeling of drowsiness in the morning.*

This cannabinoid is a post-workout pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory properties.*

View typical Certificate of Analysis here.

California residents, see Prop65 Warning regarding cancer + reproductive harm: www.p65warnings.ca.gov

What makes Joggy different?

Lipid Encapsulation Technology

Our proprietary formulation is engineered with a lipid encapsulation for increased bioavailability, solubility + stability throughout digestion. Translation: The lipid encapsulation technology safeguards our active ingredients until they arrive in your small intestine and supports absorption.

How? The lipid encapsulation houses our active ingredients by mimicking your body’s cell storage structure without interference from inhospitable conditions found in your gastrointestinal tract (i.e., bile, stomach acids) which can degrade and dilute your Gummy’s potency along its journey (to your small intestine where absorption occurs).




What is Amatea®?

Amatea® is an organic guayusa extract that contains naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine to provide you with nootropic, focused energy. It has been clinically tested to increase focus without jitters.

Why is Amatea® better than other caffeine sources?

According to a recent study, using Amatea® Max increased levels of energy, effort + enthusiasm with reduced mental fatigue and no increase in jitters, compared to synthetic caffeine. It also has shown to improve reaction time + cognitive performance.

Why should I choose Joggy over other energy supplements?

Joggy is built for pre- and post-workout with the athlete in mind. Our energizing supplements are supercharged to help you go further for longer. Our recovery products are designed to bring you relief after endurance training, but also are a great way to wind down after a long day.*

What sets Joggy apart and makes our products unique is our proprietary CBD delivery system — instead of delivering CBD via traditional means — oil-based — our products are delivered via a water-based, lipid encapsulation delivery system which is 4x more bioavailable.


  • Runner's High

    Full-Spectrum CBD and THCV ups your focus + energy pre-activity.* Blend into your morning smoothie or take it as a non-jittery alternative to coffee.

  • Re-Chargies

    Full-Spectrum CBD, CBG & CBN recenters and calms mind + body after breaking a sweat or before you snooze — a perfect way to wind down at the end of the day.*

  • Joggy Energy

    Joggy Energy is a sparkling energy drink with 150mg of jitter-free caffeine from organic guayusa extract. No added sugar, all non-GMO ingredients — just clean, good-for-you energy.

  • Joy Stick

    Full-Spectrum CBD, Arnica, Magnolia + Bergamot soothe your body pre or post-activity. Apply directly to sore areas + massage.