Behind The Formula: Water-Based vs Oil Based

There are seemingly a million ways to incorporate CBD into your supplement lineup. Capsules, gummies, balms, tinctures, drops, oils, powders—the list is getting long. While the method you like best is a matter of personal taste, the Joggy team and its scientific advisory board set out to develop our products with a focus on peak efficacy. After all, when you buy a product with a particular effect in mind, we want to ensure that we can deliver on that promise. The result of our research? A water-based delivery system, which maintains our formulations’ viability and delivers effects quickly and reliably.

Cannabinoids—which are the collective name for dozens of unique, cannabis-derived chemical compounds like CBD and THCV—lose some of their potency when they are introduced to the body via oil-based formulas. CBD tinctures, a name often used interchangeably with oils, are actually alcohol-based solutions that have a longer shelf life and less potency than oil formulations. We know that oil and water don’t mix; similarly, our bodies, which are comprised of 60% water on average, don't pair well with substances delivered through oils. As these formulations pass through the body, their key ingredients degrade, meaning that by the time their effects kick in, we’re likely to only be reaping the benefits of a fraction of what was initially ingested.

On the other hand, when they’re encased in a water-based formulation, their bioavailability increases by 400%. When you use a water-based CBD product, you can be sure that you’re getting more of the ingredients—and therefore, the desired benefits—that you’re looking for, and perhaps equally as important, that you’re getting a better payoff on your purchase.

In order for our products to have their desired effect, the goal is for our ingredients to make it to the small intestine, where nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream. On the way there, however, your body’s gastrointestinal tract threatens to negatively affect those ingredients—stomach acid and bile are just a few of the conditions they need to bypass. Santé Laboratories’ water-based, lipid encapsulation is similar to the body’s cell storage structure, which has evolved to protect its contents from just such conditions. Our formulations are able to arrive at their desired destination with each active ingredient intact and ready to deliver their effects at maximum potency.

Wellness is an industry predicated and feeling good, so it’s natural to seek out products that you enjoy using. While oil-based formulations may be less potent when digested, they have a variety of benefits in topical form, so it’s possible to tailor your line-up of CBD products in order to simultaneously suit your preferences and deliver on benefits. When it comes to supplements taken orally, however, it’s worth remembering that our naturally water-based digestive systems tend to work best with water-based formulations.



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