Movement makes for healthier, happier people - period.

That’s why we continue to chase physical release like a runner’s high. But what about moving our bodies through space makes us feel so darn good? For too long we have attributed a runner’s high — that loose-limbed, easy euphoria you may experience during a long-distance run — to a release of endorphins. Turns out, we’ve been wrong the entire time. According to a recent study in both male and female runners, our Endocannabinoid System may be the real reason behind this natural buzz. In the study, researchers blocked the runners’ ability to respond to endorphins. However, when the participants still developed the gentle intoxication, it suggested that endorphins could not be responsible for this iconic high. Important to note, endorphins cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so even if they are present in the body of a runner — because of their molecular structure — they cannot possibly alter mental states.(Side note: We’re still pro-endorphins. They do other great things. Especially beta-endorphins — they’re neuropeptides involved in pain management.)

So, what is the Endocannabinoid System + why does it matter? 

Long story short, your body naturally releases something chemically similar to cannabis — known as Cannabinoids — during pleasant activities such as running terrific distances and experiencing orgasm. This system helps modulate + regulate your moods.

Your internal Cannabinoids can cross the blood-brain barrier, making them viable candidates to cause any runner’s high.

So, in order to access the inherent benefits of cannabinoids (steady energy, focus, calm, and a sense of center) — whether you’re running long distances, simply jogging or standing completely still — you may need a little support to help regulate your internal endocannabinoid system.


Supplemental Cannabinoids. While your body is capable of making its own natural highs (on a situational basis) — sometimes you just need a little plant-based assistance to encourage and heighten their beneficial effects on your own timeline.


We formulate a dynamic range of plant-based energetics designed to provide steady energy throughout the day, maintain focus + find center during the stressful moments in between, and bring you a sense of calm right before bed.

Our CBD+ formulations are engineered to support full-spectrum activity and utilize a proprietary water-based, lipid encapsulation delivery system which increases stability, potency of our scientifically studied dosages, and bioavailability. Translation: Because we protect our CBD lipids — our products support 4x more absorption compared to conventional oil-based dosages.