We formulate a dynamic range of plant-based energetics to provide you with steady energy throughout the day, help you maintain focus, find center during stressful moments + bring you a sense of calm before bed.

Our products are engineered to support full-spectrum activity and utilize a proprietary water-based, lipid encapsulation delivery system which increases stability, potency of our scientifically studied dosages, and bioavailability. Translation: Because we protect our active ingredients — our products support 4x more absorption compared to conventional oil-based dosages.




What is a water-based delivery system and what makes that superior?

Joggy’s proprietary water-based delivery system supports 4x more absorption compared to conventional oil-based dosages.

Note: In a pharmacokinetic study performed by Santé Laboratories, conventional CBD oils were found to only provide 5 to 20 percent absorption, while water-based lipid encapsulation technology tested provided up to 80 percent absorption.

What makes Joggy products proprietary?

Joggy products use proprietary Powered by Santé® ingredient delivery technology. Manufactured in Austin, Texas the use of the technology is groundbreaking in offering innovation to a stagnant space oversaturated with oil-based products that simply don’t work without unmanageable, potentially toxic large doses. Developed over the past 4 years by leading PhD scientists specializing in small-particle drug delivery with 26 granted and pending patents globally, the technology solves for poor solubility, stability and bioavailability of hard-to-absorb ingredients like cannabinoids.

Joggy products are made with a lipid encapsulation technology that supports 4x more absorption compared to conventional oil-based dosages. This allows the consumer to truthfully get what they are paying for and reap benefits quickly vs. waiting for the effects to kick in long term. If we say you are getting 25mgs in each serving, your body is absorbing up to 80% of 25mg vs. wasting it along the way.

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