Movement makes for healthier, happier people — period.

Our Values

We believe in science. We formulate clean, steady energy products (available in a variety of innovative forms + dosages, so you can enjoy the whole-body benefits of plant medicine in whichever way you prefer, on any given day). Each natural energetic is informed by our science advisory board at Santé Labs to give our users plant and water-based peace of mind and a mellow that is balanced — never jittery.

We promote full-spectrum activity (that’s inclusive + non-judgemental). Our users cannot be pinned down to a single role, identity, preference, pursuit or trait, so we create at the intersections of high + low, of cannabis + fitness, of science + art. We aren’t intimidated by contradiction or nuance — we avoid binary thinking + systems. We’re committed to helping you achieve a runner’s high — whether you’re doing gentle yoga, running 20 miles, or hanging out at home — your energy needs exist on a fluid spectrum day to day.

We’re about finding a physical practice that moves you. Modern life is fraught with difficulties, stressors, anxieties, expectations, etc. Finding center + staying present + tapping into a physical activity that makes you happy is highly personal and looks different for everybody. Sometimes to access it, you need a little plant-based support.

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