Our Glossary of Plant Ingredients

Full-Spectrum CBD
Our hero cannabinoid promotes that iconic, loose-limbed euphoria known as a runner’s high. It also supports pain relief after exercise and helps relieve stress. Full-Spectrum CBD contains multiple, complementary cannabinoids rather than CBD isolate to ensure a balanced, whole-plant extract experience, and encourage a synergistic, fast-acting potency which still meets Federal THC requirements in the US.*

This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive and contains natural energizing properties which — when combined with CBD and alpha-pinene — creates a balanced, steady, and focused level of energy pre-activity.*

This flavor-forward terpene promotes mental clarity and supports sharpness of focus.*

This cannabinoid is a post-workout pain reliever.*

This cannabinoid is a compound that naturally supports your circadian rhythm without a residual feeling of drowsiness in the morning.*

An aromatherapeutic with properties that supports sleep, reduces stress levels + access calm.

An aromatherapeutic with properties that support elevated mood and help to alleviate stress. It is also antiseptic, antispasmodic, and pain-relieving.*

This herb helps support pain relief, muscle soreness, and joint aches.*

Amatea® is a patented guayusa extract that highlights the naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine from guayusa for a cognitive, uplifting energy experience, unlike any other caffeinated ingredient. Guayusa is a functional herb that grows only in the upper Amazon basin of Ecuador and Peru.